HONOR MAGIC 5 PRO – Price, Specs, DXO Mark, and Release Date

The Honor Magic 5 Pro was finally shown to the public by Honor after several months of rumours, leaks, and numerous teasers. At the Mobile World Congress 2023, which was held in Barcelona, the Chinese company’s brand debuted a number of brand-new items that are intended for sale on international markets.

Honor Magic5 Pro-11

Honor Magic 5 Pro

Honor has introduced its new flagship smartphone, the Honor Magic5 Pro, along with a standard version of the device. The company’s motto is “Tech to Inspire.” It is equipped with the most recent batch of cutting-edge technologies, which is essential for a flagship product. The new piece of technology will compete with others such as Samsung’s Galaxy S23 series and will ultimately come to dominate the preference of customers all over the world. In addition to the company’s newly released flagships, Honor also introduced the Honor Magic Vs for sale in overseas regions.

“The Honor Magic5 series has a smart digital solution that will lead to a better future for everyone,” said George Zhao, CEO of Honor Device Co. Ltd., according to the brand’s description of the product line. He goes on to say that the “Honor Magic5 Pro, is an all-rounder flagship, that comes to push industry benchmarks in every aspect of user experience.”

The Honor Magic 5 Pro Has A Unique Appearance And Outperforms A Range Of Benchmarks

The Honor Magic5 Pro is arriving as the brand’s effective flagship for 2023, and it will compete with smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and the Xiaomi 13 Pro.

Honor Magic5 Pro-6

The phone has an absolutely stunning new design for the brand, unmatched functionality, and outperforms a number of standards that are used in the business. In terms of the design, it features what is known as a “Eye of Muse” design and a system known as a “Star Wheel Triple-Camera.” A stunning appearance may also be seen in the presentation.

The King Of Dxomark Honor Magic 5 Pro

When we claim that this phone is already at the top of a set of benchmarks, we are not joking around. Beginning with the display, the phone’s 6.81-inch LTPO display was able to achieve the highest possible ranking in DXOMark’s display ranking. The display scored 151 points, putting it at the top of DXOMark’s ranking. It was praised for its spectacular design and quality, as well as its remarkable 2,160 Hz PWM dimming technology.

Honor Magic5 Pro-9

The Honor Magic5 Pro’s camera system received the highest score possible from DXOMark, just like its display did. The phone comes with a triple-camera configuration that each has a resolution of 50 megapixels, in addition to a number of other cutting-edge capabilities. There is a feature known as Ultra Fusional Computational Optics, and it is an algorithm that helps to enhance the clarity of the “super zoom” settings.

The phone has a zoom range of 3.5x optical zoom all the way up to 100x hybrid zoom. In addition to this, it includes a brand-new Millisecond Falcon Capture technology, which gives users the ability to capture complicated scenes with simplicity and clarity. The AI Motion Sensing Capture 7 is the very last but not the least of our products.

It is able to determine the greatest point of a jump so that the frame can be captured in ultra-high definition. This technique was utilised in the most recent record-breaking “Between the Legs Slam Dunk” that set a Guinness World Record. The sophisticated camera achieved a score of 152 points in the DXOMark’s camera tests.

I am well aware that everyone of you has made the trip in order to examine the components of the brand-new flagship Honor magic 5 Pro, and in a moment, we will discuss its specifications. Can it survive in a market where there is a lot of competition? Given those parameters, we may safely say that it’s a monster. A 6.81-inch LTPO Quad-Curved “Floating” screen that has a resolution of 2,848 by 1,312 pixels is included in the Honor Magic 5 Pro.

Honor Magic5 Pro-8

The panel is capable of Adaptive Refresh at up to 120 Hz. HDR10+ compatibility is included in addition to coverage of the DCI-P35 colour gamut. In addition to that, it has a maximum brightness of 1,800 nits and a PWM dimming frequency of 2160 Hz, making it suitable for use in low-light settings. The punch-hole for the selfie camera and the 3D sensor is located in the top-left corner of the display.

It features a Frame Rate Boost technology that is derived from a dedicated display chip. This chip will ensure the highest frame rate while reducing the workload on the GPU. The display has been tested and proven to have low blue light emittance by TUV Rheinland, which has received certification in this regard.

Quality Camera Optics And Technologically Advanced Zoom

The Honor Magic 5 Pro measures 162.9 x 76.7 x 8.77 millimetres and weighs 219 grammes. Its measurements are as follows: Also, it has a water resistance rating of IP68 and a dust resistance rating of IP68. We have what is known as the “Star Wheel” Triple Camera system located at the back of the vehicle. A 50-megapixel wide-angle camera with a brilliant f/1.6 aperture and a 1/1.12-inch sensor size are included in this outfit.

Honor Magic5 Pro-5

A 50-megapixel ultrawide camera with a field of view of 122 degrees is also included. The last but certainly not the least of our cameras is a 50-megapixel Periscope Telephoto camera with an aperture of 3.0. It has 3.5 optical zooms and 100x digital zoom that can be used. This sensor is a Sony IMX858 model. This configuration includes a number of clever features, such as the AI Motion Sensing Capture and the Milisecond Falcon Capture. In order to assist it, it is equipped with a dToF Laser Focus, a Multi-Spectrum Color Temperature Sensor, and a Flicker Sensor. Recording video in 4K at 60 frames per second is possible with this device.

The front-facing camera has a resolution of 12 megapixels and an aperture of f/2.4; additionally, it includes a 3D depth camera. This feature not only enhances the visual effects that may be achieved in selfie photography but also enables 3D Face ID scanning.

A Monstrous Performance On The Part Of The Honor Magic 5 Pro

Both the Honor Magic5 and the Honor Magic5 Pro come equipped with the latest generation of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 processor. Since that this is Qualcomm’s most recent chipset for the flagship market, it will be difficult for other manufacturers to compete with it in 2023. The chipset has the GPU called Adreno 740, which benefits from a technology called GPU Turbo X. The Honor Magic5 Pro will deliver good performance for gaming workloads without losing the device’s other capabilities. It has up to 12 gigabytes of LPDDR5X Memory and up to 512 gigabytes of UFS 4.0 storage as standard.

The Honor Magic5 Pro is powered by a 5,100 mAh battery that supports rapid charging at 66 watts. In addition to that, wireless charging at 50W is available. Other features include Near Field Communication (NFC), Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, Stereo Speakers, Dual-Sim 5G Support, and eSIM Compatibility. The one-of-a-kind Antenna Architecture that Honor employs ensures consistently reliable and lightning-fast connections.

Honor Magic5 Pro-10

Also, the phone has been awarded the “IMAX Enhanced” accreditation, indicating that it is a capable piece of hardware for use with various forms of media. As was to be predicted, the flagship device presents the MagicOS 7.1 universe, which is founded on Android 13. It includes a number of features that pertain to privacy, one of which is the AI Privacy Call 2.0. The user’s experience will be enhanced because to the combination of the phone’s operating system and its built-in security chipset.

HONOR MAGIC 5 Pro Camera

The Honor Magic 5 Pro was undeniably the star of the show, but the vanilla model is a perfectly serviceable option for those who prefer a less flashy experience. The AMOLED display measures in at a more manageable 6.73 inches diagonally, but it still has the same Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 central processing unit. It has a telephoto camera with 32 MP, an ultrawide camera with 50 MP, and a primary camera with 54 MP. This camera configuration is capable of supporting a digital zoom of up to 50 times.

Honor Magic5 Pro-5

The phone is equipped with the same 5,100 mAh battery that supports rapid charging at 66W. Nonetheless, it comes standard with 8 gigabytes of random access memory (RAM) and 256 gigabytes of internal storage.

More Details About The Magicos 7.1 Security Application On The Honor Magic 5 Pro

The Honor Magic 5 Pro comes equipped with a Dual-TEE security technology that was developed in collaboration with Qualcomm. It protects users’ data on a hardware level to ensure its safety. There is a specialised security chip that offers the highest level of protection for both passwords and biometric identifiers, such as the Face ID and Fingerprint. The previously described AI Privacy Call 2.0 is also available.

Honor Magic5 Pro-4

It is designed to shield you from any possible sound seepage that may occur. In addition to it, there is a technology known as the Sound Energy Spatial Control. It does this by generating sound waves in the opposite direction, which blocks any sound that may otherwise seep out during private phone talks. In addition, the user’s experience is enhanced, which means that the calls will always be clear, and at the same time, the calls will be secure, even if you are in a quiet but packed place such as an elevator. The caller’s voice will not be heard by the recipients of the message.

Honor Magic5 Pro-3

MagicOS 7.1 also has innovations that will boost performance and ensure that it is efficient with battery life. It has capabilities such as Magic-Ring for managing multiple devices, as well as Magic Text for intelligent text recognition. Although we are unsure of the precise number of software upgrades that will be made available for the Honor Magic 5 Pro, we anticipate that Honor will reveal this information in the near future.

Pricing And Availability – Honor Magic5 Series

There will be a Black, Orange, Coral Purple, Glacier Blue, and Meadow Green colour option for the Honor Magic5 Pro. Black and blue are the two colour options for the vanilla Honor Magic 5 Pro model.

Honor Magic5 Pro

Beginning in the second quarter of 2023, customers will be able to purchase the new flagship models. So it looks like we won’t be able to till at least the month of April. The Honor Magic 5 will start at €899 and come standard with 8GB/256GB of storage.

Honor Magic5 Pro-1

The Honor Magic 5 Pro starts at €1199/$1272 /₹105125  and comes in a configuration with 12GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. You can visit the website of the company to obtain additional details regarding the purchase of such devices at any time.

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